Our Process

Let our team handle all of the details from start to published! 

  1. Initial Consultation

    This complimentary consultation is an opportunity for you to tell us about the big-picture components including the people, places, and events that have shaped your life. This meeting helps our team identify the key points throughout your life and develop the early shape of your narrative. We will also discuss your goals and expectations for the book, as well as your budget for the project.

  2. Interviews

    We interview our clients in a comfortable setting, typically your home or office, where you feel relaxed and free to reminisce. These audio-recorded conversations provide a forum for lengthy reflection and serve as the core content of the project.

  3. Transcription

    Your audio interviews are converted into a text file by our transcriptionist.

  4. Creative Direction

    Unlike other Personal Historians, we don’t simply edit and condense your words. We look at every detail and reconstruct your stories in written form to create a captivating, page-turning manuscript. During Creative Direction, we will identify recurrent themes, finalize story selections, and strengthen the narrative arc of the story.

  5. Historical / Contextual Research

    To add context and richness to your story, we conduct additional research to bring historical events and scenes to life.

  6. Writing the Narrative

    We shape the content of your interviews into flowing, narrative non-fiction. The duration of the writing stage is dependent upon the scope of your project and can range from several weeks to several months. We then present you with a first draft of the manuscript.

  7. Editing

    Editing is a collaborative effort, and one we enjoy with our clients. Your review of your manuscript is critically important, and you have ultimate control over its content. Nothing is final without your approval. This step includes revising our work together and reworking chapters and/or specific language. As a final step, a professional content editor reviews the completed manuscript.

  8. Photo Management

    This element of book preparation involves selecting your personal photos, letters, and any visual exhibits you wish to include in your book. We scan and digitize your photos (leaving you with the originals), and our photo editor can retouch or restore old photos where necessary.

  9. Book Layout & Design

    Our award-winning book designers create your book’s page layout. Your book will have a custom cover design and a full color interior.

  10. Printing and Binding

    Bind These Words partners with professional book binderies to complete your heirloom-quality book in the cover style of your choice from fabric to laminate to real or faux leather. There are many choices. And our short-run printers can print one copy or thousands of copies of your finished book.

Bind These Words engages a limited number of clients each year to focus exclusively on the in-depth life story process.