What Our Clients Have To Say…

I just this minute finished reading our grandmother’s story and had to write to tell you how moving and inspirational I found it. You did an AMAZING job telling her story in a way that truly captivated me. And the whole look of the book – photos, graphics, layout – is outstanding. You should be very proud of the work you do.

S.S., Boston, MA


These stories from my grandmother, these collective memories from my family – about where we have come from and what has happened to get to this moment – these are priceless and irreplaceable. You have so beautifully captured them in written word and pictures, with all the feeling and nuance behind them. This book will be something our family will treasure for generations. I can’t wait to share this with my children when they are old enough to understand. Thank you.

C.G., Charlottesville, VA


Your beautiful tribute book to [my aunt] arrived and I am extremely moved and grateful for you sharing your talents with us. This is beautifully written and tastefully presented. You definitely captured the strong, determined woman that I knew, and I’m sure this book will be treasured for generations to come.

L.F., Springfield, IL


It was a pleasure working with you and your marvelous team. The book is more than I’d ever imagined.

S.M., Danville, IL


I was blown away by the dedication and emotion you invested in our book. I was very moved by the stories, as though it was the first time I was hearing them. I am finally confident that my children will grow up knowing who their grandfather was.

E.C., New York, NY


Thank you so much for the terrific books. You have been a pleasure to work with and a huge help. This has been a wonderful experience.

H.L., Kenilworth, IL


WOW. I am ferklempt. I am so proud of how this project turned out, and I still cry each time I read my mother’s book. This has changed my life and hers.

R.L., New York, NY