The Benefits of Working with Bind These Words

icon-heartLeave More Than a Financial Legacy

Bind These Words can help you create a unique gift for your heirs that will express the meaning and significance of your life. Pass your wisdom to your children and grandchildren by sharing lessons on how you lived your life and what you learned based on your experiences. The return on your investment will last for generations.

icon-leafReminisce To Promote Health & Wellness

You will have a forum for life reflection, an opportunity to celebrate your most joyous experiences. Recent medical research highlights the health benefits of reminiscence. It encourages a better sense of mental wellbeing as you foster a deeper understanding of yourself and your contributions.

icon-peopleConnect With Your Family

Sharing your story will strengthen your bond with younger family members. You can foster a shared sense of identity with family who may be geographically scattered and busy with their own lives. An heirloom book creates a vital link between your past, present, and future generations.

icon-talkHave a Captive Audience

You will work with an active listener as you recall your most meaningful life experiences. Our empathic engagement will help you consciously articulate your story and preserve it in accessible form.


Gift an Aging Parent

Not ready to tell your own story? A personal history book makes a valuable gift for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or retirement for an aging parent. It is reassuring that your descendants will remain connected to your roots and will feel a deeper sense of identity through your family’s narrative.